Friday, March 20, 2009

Random entertainment thoughts

Wow, I haven't been very busy writing lately so I've got a lot to catch up on. For starters, the "Battlestar Galactica" finale is tonight and I have to say I can't really quantify how I feel. I'm not really that sad that it's over since the last few episodes have been so bland. I also have no idea how they're going to tie up all the loose ends. Let's just pray that the producers and writers don't "Frak it up."

"Lost" is still interesting and the answers to some big questions are being answered while yet other new ones are being posed. I continue to be incredibly entertained and anxious to see what happens next. It remains the highlight of my viewing week.

On a side note, I'm happy to see that FX's fantastic series "Rescue Me" will be back the first week of April, giving me another show to look forward to. After a looong hiatus due to the writer's strike, I'd like to refresh my memory and catch up with what Denis Leary and the gang have been up to.

If you haven't seen "Hell's Kitchen" on Fox yet, watch last season on their website, or this season's first seven episodes to get caught up. If you're a reality TV fan, (even if you don't care much about cooking, like me) this is still a major blast to watch and this season is as good as the previous ones. For the uninitiated, the show follows foul-mouthed U.K. Chef Gordon Ramsey as he takes two teams, one comprised of women and the other men, and puts them through their paces each week, slowly eliminating the weaker chefs until only one remains. His ire is entertaining to watch as he dresses down the contestants, often calling them names and dropping the F-word in for good measure. And,as in any good reality show, the chefs who are competing have been chosen for their unique character traits, weaknesses, quirks, and egos, which makes for good TV.

On the movie front, I managed to wrangle a free subscription to several premium channels when I moved the old DirecTV to my new house, so I've been catching up on films as well. First out of the gate, "10,000 BC" was interesting but at times slow and during the whole film I was thinking: "I've seen all of this before," but it helped me pass the time while I hung out at home with the kids one Saturday afternoon.

I also re-watched the classic, "More American Graffitti," which didn't have the exact same punch as the original George Lucas masterpiece but still delivered the fun on several different levels. I recommend it when you're at Blockbuster and have already seen all of the new releases, or put it on your NetFlix.

My favorite film on cable as of late has been "30 Days of Night," the vampire extravaganza that despite being the 4 millionth film of the genre, still had a dark, brooding tension throughout with interesting characters and an intriguing storyline. Without giving any spoilers, it took some stock horror film premises and gave them some fresh life without bowing to the typical Hollywood formulas. I recommend it.

For those of you who grew up in the 80s, you would appreciate (or perhaps groan at) the fact that I re-watched "Enemy Mine," a sci-fi send up of a World War II movie about two enemy pilots who end up stranded together and must learn to work with each other to survive. This version stars a young Dennis Quaid and a heavily made-up and unrecognizable Louis Gossett Jr. (yes, Chappy from "Iron Eagle!") as a lizard-like creature who is trapped on an uninhabited planet with Quaid in outer space. It's a little dated but still fun if you grew up during the early days of HBO where I first saw this film.

Gosh, I'm sure I've got more to report about in the entertainment world but will have to wait for another day. Until then I bid you all to try and find your next favorite show or movie.

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