Monday, April 21, 2008

Lange back, Stern still on target

All is right in the Howard Stern universe this morning, as comedian, side-kick, and "bro" Artie Lange returned to the show today after the entire Stern show crew took a week long hiatus following Lange's now revoked resignation on Thursday, April 10th.

Fans of Lange, myself among them, are relieved that he hasn't let his melt-down/fallout with his assistant Teddy push him out of his rightful seat next to Howard on the most popular program ever to grace the terrestrial or digital satellite airways. As a side note, today's interview with Neil Patrick Harris was spot on, with Harris taking Howard's questions in stride and showing, much as Ryan Phillipe did, that he is an avid, true-blue Stern fan.

Hats off to Harris on his frankness and genuine answers to the questions we've all had since he came out publicly last year. As usual, Stern has proven that he is still the best interviewer on the airways, asking the questions of the "every man," and truly representing his audience.

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