Sunday, July 27, 2008

Want the power to bend time? Try TIMESHIFT

"Timeshift" is a pretty standard first person shooter, the kind we've experienced time and again over the last 10 years or so. What sets this game apart is the uniqe timeshifting feature.

The main character (you) is wearing a time suit which allows you to pause, slow or reverse time, which makes for some interesting puzzle solving during the game. If an enemy throws a grenade, just reverse time and try a different attack. Need to take on a dozen guys? Just pause time and blow them away - or steal their weapon and watch as they stand there bewildered while - you guessed it - you blow them away.

The time features also allow you to walk on water, elude fire and electricity, and evade a variety of other dangers. Don't think you can muscle your way through this action title, either. Shortly into the first chapter it becomes evident that it's impossible to complete the game without mastering the time suit's abilities.

It all makes for good fun, and there are plenty of weapons, either longe range, multi-fire, or sniper-like which all must be used in conjunction with each other to progress through the various chapters of the game. My favorite weapon was a crossbow with exploding bolts which dropped the baddies with just one shot (even the machine gun took about a clip per guy to elicit a kill because of the use of body armor). Pausing time and sniping enemies from a half mile away is as good as it gets, and there's plenty of sniper action to be had in "Timeshift."

I give this one four wristwatches out of five...

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